Trauma Surgery Care

Urgent Evaluation and Management of Injuries, Trauma Care

We are providing urgent care for wounds, sprained joints and broken bones of ambulatory patients.

With life or limb threatening emergencies you of course need to call a public ambulance.

Our Doctors can see you in our Medical Clinic or in your chosen location during a House Call to assess and advise you about the most reasonable approach and management.
On site we can close wounds with stitches or High Tech Tissue Glue.
We have the capacity to perform various imaging testings, X-rays, Ultrasound, CT and MRI scans based on Doctors’ orders.
Immobilization with light weight splints, regular or air-casts can be done and crutches or walking sticks supplied as needed.
We can change bandages, remove stitches, take microbiological samples from infected wounds to process them in our laboratories for cultures and prescribe appropriate antibiotic treatments empirically or based on sensitivities.
Transportation by properly Trained Drivers or Private Ambulance are also available.